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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

ARRIVAL PROCEDURES-All staff will have clearly labeled signs and will meet the children outside on the first day of school! 

  • Grades 1-2:  Meet on the front lawn along Fulton Avenue. 

  • Grades 3-4:  Meet on the lawn on Vermont Avenue. 

  • Grades 5-6:  Meet in the schoolyard/blacktop along Vermont Avenue. 

After the first day of school, please use the following areas for students who walk and arrive to school by car. 

• Grades 1-3:                                   Enter via the main entrance on Fulton Avenue or the East Vermont Avenue entrance. 

• Grades 4-6:                                  Enter via the main entrance or the West Vermont Avenue entrance. 

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES In an effort to reduce congestion at any one entrance, the following procedures will be used at dismissal: 

Main Entrance:                                      All Grade 1 classes and Ms. Okun's class will exit through the Main Entrance on Fulton Avenue. 

East Vermont Avenue Exit:            Mr. Santisteban's, Ms. Gamble's, Ms. St. Aubin, Ms. Verity's, Ms. Lewitin's and Ms. Cook's classes will exit through the East Vermont Avenue                                                                                    Exit. 

Auditorium Exit:                                Ms. Cascone's, Ms. Cassar's, Ms. D'Amelio's, Ms. Gaulrapp's, and Ms. Harris' classes will exit  through the exit doors across from the auditorium                                                                            in the back of the building.

West Vermont Avenue Exit:      Ms. Blake's, Ms. Herman's, Ms. Cleary's, and Ms.Cibrano's, classes will exit through the west Vermont Avenue Exit.


We have a unique service offered by the PTA called the PTA Traffic Squad. Our volunteers help to foster a safe and quick method of helping children to exit cars in the morning between 8:05 - 8:15 a.m. Given the number of cars that drop-off students, we will continue to organize this service in the following way: 

  • Grades 1-3: Enter via the main entrance on Fulton Avenue or the East Vermont entrance using valet service along Fulton Avenue or Vermont Avenue. 

  • Grades 4-6: Enter via the West Vermont Avenue entrance using valet service along Vermont Avenue. 

  • Carpools or Multiple Grades- Families are encouraged to make ONE drop off to either valet with the oldest student exiting with the youngest member of the family or carpool. 

It is very important that drivers only make one drop-off. Otherwise, it will increase the congestion rather than reduce it. PLEASE NOTE that there is one drop-off point in the middle of the Vermont doors. Please do not form two lines. In addition, please review the following carefully: 

  • Stopping your car to release your child across Vermont Avenue going in the opposite direction between 8:05 - 8:15 a.m. is dangerous. Please do not attempt this. 

  • Children should walk using the crosswalk across Vermont Avenue or Fulton Avenue to reduce the risk of injury. Use the crossing guard as a helpful guide! 

  • I will have staff at the Vermont Avenue doors and the Main Entrance. Please do not hold up the drop-off line by waiting and watching your child enter the building. If you feel you need to watch, please park your car a short distance away and walk your child to school. 

  • Kindness counts and our little ones are very observant. Please exercise patience. Thank a PTA Traffic Squad member! 

  • Making u-turns and double-parking around our school in the morning afternoon, and after club pick-ups creates a dangerous situation. 

Thank you in advance for following the outlined procedures to ensure that all children are safe. 

Dismissal will be between: 2:57pm - 3:02pm

Teachers will Escort Classes: 

Main Entrance Door: 

     o 2:57pm - Ms. Okun / Ms. Weisman 

     o 3:00pm - Ms. Davis 

     o 3:02pm-  Ms. Lynch 

East Vermont Avenue Exit:

     O 2:57pm - Ms. Gamble 

     O 3:00pm - Ms. Lewitin / Mr. Santisteban 

     O 3:02pm - Ms. Cook / Ms. Verity 

Auditorium Exit: 

     o 2:57pm - Ms. Cassar / Ms. Gaulrapp 

     o 3:00pm - Ms. Harris / Ms. D'Amelio 

     O 3:02pm - Ms. Cascone 

West Vermont Avenue Exit: 

     o  2:57pm - Ms. Herman/Ms. Blake 

     o  3:00pm - Ms. Cibrano / Ms. Cleary 

Please follow the following times during our first three half days of school. Main Entrance Door: 

     o 11:00am - Ms. Okun / Ms. Weisman 

     o 11:02am - Ms. Davis 

     o 11:05am - Ms. Lynch 

East Vermont Avenue Exit: 

     o 11:00am - Ms. Gamble 

     O 11:02am - Ms. Lewitin / Mr. Santisteban 

     O 11:05am - Ms. Cook / Ms. Verity 

Auditorium Exit: 

     o 11:00am – Ms. Cassar / Ms. Gaulrapp

     o 11:02am - Ms. Harris / Ms. D'Amelio 

     O 11:05am - Ms. Cascone 

West Vermont Avenue Exit: 

     O 11:00am-Ms. Herman/Ms. Blake 

     O 11:02am - Ms. Cibrano / Ms. Cleary